Where Flowers Bloom… So Does HOPE

No matter how my day sucks, no matter how stressful each busy day may be, each time I set my feet on the ground of a Garden, the serenity and the perfumery scent of a Garden immediately takes away everything. I love Gardens, I love the sight of beautiful flowers, I enjoy the scent from the green, even the buzzing sound of the bees doesn’t annoy me when I see them in the Garden. This is the time of the year when the garden is aglow with sensational blooms and a fantastic array of colors. I like it, I really do.

Yesterday, we were invited to Piet & Corrie’s home for dinner (Jos’ dad & his wife). The most enchanting part of their home to me is their Garden. I’ve visited their Garden during Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Each season gives a different feel. Of course the best time of the Garden is during Spring & Summer time. When the leaves starts to fall during Autumn, it depresses me. During Winter time, if we have some snow, the white covers the brown, that don’t feels so bad.

When the flowers are blooming and the vegetables are growing, Piet & Corrie never fails to show me around their garden explaining to me what each plant is and how it was being planted. And each time, I would be so entice by the details and feel really proud of their achievements. Gardening to me is fun but it cannot be an easy job but why is it I don’t see them working on the Garden very much…. did they grow on it’s own season after season.. secret untold.

Home Grown Prunes!

Do not mistaken.. these aren’t pumpkins, they are tomatoes!

And apparently, placing banana skin next to it will help it to turn red sooner…

Home Grown Lettuce for Salad


Juicy Apples

oh my… ONIONS!


Berries.. and I ate it !

A special Snail I spotted on top of a tall tree… I have to have Jos take a picture of this.

All the green…. now the other colors.. 🙂

Check the Hedges, it is also home grown. 🙂

Oh my…. there are just too many beautiful flowers… and I really wanna show the world! So I will carry on uploading. 🙂

Sorry I cannot remember all the names of these flowers.. so I will call them Beauty!


I know the name of this one… Yellow Rose 🙂

I’m really proud of their Garden. I remember the last time I visited the garden sometime in April, there was potatoes and strawberries and huge bulbs of tulips & Roses. This time, the season for the strawberries aren’t there any more. The Roses & Tulips are also gone. I was told the season is over. Oh and I was told, Potatoes and Tomatoes cannot be planted on the same ground.

But.. my favorite flower was no where in sight. How can there be no Sunflowers? Corrie explained that sunflowers takes a lot of effort and space, the seed have to be planted close to a feet apart from one another. But she promised to plant some for me! I told Corrie, “If I can work in a garden for a day, I would gladly do.” So now, she is going to draw up a planting project for me to work on. Hopefully I will see them next summer! I cannot wait to work on it. Seeing the fruit of your labor must be really comforting.

The Green House

It was indeed a very educational tour. Before I go, here is a picture of the dinner I had cooked with hand picked beans! 🙂

Babi with Beans and Rice.


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