Oh It’s Summer Time but what’s with the Rain?

The long awaited time of the year has come… het is zomer tijd! Yippee! πŸ˜€

But wait……. what’s with the rain? -_-

It’s been raining almost everyday since a week ago when I landed back in Dordrecht. Sometimes it’s light rain, other time is big rain drops, and hardly, we have little bit of Sunshine, only little bit for a very short while.

No wonder the Dutch cannot wait to escape to where the sun SHINES. At this time of the year, when you pick up the phone and call someone, be ready to be answered with “He/She is out for 3 weeks holiday.” And most likely, they will be either

1) in the car; driving towards France or Spain; with car boot filled with camping equipments.

2) in a camper; driving towards Italy; well equipped with food & drinks & toiletries.

3) in the plane, flying to the Far East; Indonesia is a popular spot.

Last year this time, I was on a road trip, camping in Italy & France with Jos. I must say I enjoyed the adventure very much even though it was my first attempt to sleep in a tent.

We have not decide where we would go this year since I’ve just return from Singapore; but taking a 2 weeks holiday might not be possible this year! Sad! 😦

But fret not…. good news is, we will always find something to do during summer. Alright, maybe accompanied by the rain but it’s still fun. Since the day I’m back, I’ve been packed with programs that Jos had wanted to attend so I had to tag along.

These programs only happens during Summer in Holland. Every town in Holland have their own festival and in Dordrecht, we have a weekly Monday Night Chill Out at the Wantijpark for the Summer. Wait… I did say Monday Night right? Yes it is a little crazy but yes Monday Night, at the park, bbq, drink and enjoy live band performing. We were there last Monday and I cannot help but marveled at the amount of bikes parked outside the park. Quite awesome I reckon πŸ™‚

Count the bicycles Challenge!

The other Festival we went was also in Dordrecht which happen only over 1 week end… THE BIG RIVER FESTIVAL.

I was told, the festival was called the Big River because Dordrecht is surrounded by Rivers. And the theme colour of this festival is Blue, Orange, Green. People visit the festival and collects necklace of those colors. The more the merrier! I caught sight of so many necklace on one neck that I felt their neck are hurting!

Very interesting festival with interest food. There are poffertjes, stroopwafels and freshly fried potatos chips which is what I enjoyed most! The whole potato are cut by a machine and string to a wooden stick, put them in a fryer and finish it off by sprinkling some BBQ Powder and other spices.

Fresh Potatoes Stick.

There are also Β several live performance at different part of the town with different theme. Some are blue Jazz and some dutch music. There was also a QUEEN cover band! Really cool.

Live performances

Last weekend, we were at this long awaited event that happen yearly – The Breda Live. This year we have DJ Tiesto performing at the Breda Live. Although I like David Guetta more, DJ Tiesto rocks the stage with roaring cheers and crazy dancing. This party was organised by Jos’ best friend so we were given free VIP Passes. Suppose to cost EUR49.00 each!

Breda Live! VIP View πŸ™‚

The way the crowd was allowed to throw all their trash on the ground amazes me. Check out now, the after party effect… πŸ™‚

What lies underneath the party…

So who says there is nothing to do in Holland? You just have to find them and make yourself do it! Happy Summer Holiday People! Catch you again soon πŸ™‚


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