Back in Singapore

I’m in Singapore already for a week. Quite honestly, it feels like a month! I’m already missing home. I guess where your heart belongs that’s where home is, and clearly my heart is place somewhere in Holland. I cannot quite imagine how I did 3 months and more without being with Jos. now this feels really weird!

So here I am back in the Lion city with the crowd and humidity. It’s really nice to be back catching up with my family and friends. The warmth and fuzzy feeling once again. The Visit to usual hawker centre for meals, the visit to the usual facial and spa treatment and a lot of shopping! And that of course feels very nice and the familiarity brings back alot of nice memory. That’s SG… Food, drinks, party and shops.

My dear classmates had organise a dinner gathering since they know I’m back at a very nice restaurant – 1-Altitute. This was plan way back a month ago. So there is no reason why anyone should miss. A lot of chatting and catching up, good thing all of us look the same, no one has put on weight, erm maybe I did a little bit.

The food at 1-Altitude is pretty awesome but also pricy considering Singapore Standard. I had grilled Cod Fish fillet and some Oyster. I cannot stop eating the oyster after having one, I continue to eat 6 more. It’s so fresh so tasty!


Do you agree the freshness? Super yummy!


From 1-altitude, you can also view the city of Singapore since its right on top of a building of 62 storey high. Pretty awesome view. After dinner, every diner would adjourn up to the roof top for a beer with loud music to dance too.


Pretty neat at night huh? Took 2 photos with Benje, look at the second one, I had to squat a little so I don’t look too tall beside him. Correction, too tall on my heels I mean. šŸ™‚



Would really recommend anyone who visit Singapore to not give 1-Altitude a miss but please tourist, do not attempt to jump off from such well-loved place. The reason why I say this is because over the last month, we have a lot of tourist jumping off from the popular tourist spot, ie. the skylark at Marina Bay Sands and some popular High rise hotel. This time, 1-Altitude is guarded with rail and security guard all around so they can react to anyone that is attempting suicide.

I cannot understand why would anyone want to end their life, life is already short! In any case, and please, if you have to die, do not choose a spot like this.

For now, I’m looking forward to be back in Holland to be with the love of my life!



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