A Tribute To A Dedicated Korfbal Player

Ever heard of Korfbal? Well, now that you read this post, you will. Before I met Jos, I have no idea what Korf Ball is all about. Although this sport is also played in other part of the world, it is originated from the Netherlands and most commonly spoke about in the Netherlands. Therefore, if only you asked a Dutch, otherwise, if you hear Korfbal, you would probably think it is Golf Ball like I did. Only to realise they are so completely different. Korf in Dutch really mean Basket; as such, it really means Basketball. But no, it isn’t the traditional basket ball, it seems more like Netball but the rules of the games and technics are completely different.

I’m not gonna go into details of the difference in the technics between Korfball and basketball but there is one very obvious difference… this sport is the only team sport that requires a mixed gender – 4 males & 4 females against the opponent with 4 other males & 4 other females. The female are usually dressed in very short skirt just like the female tennis player.

A Korfball Match

Once I asked a dutch male friend about Korfball and he told me; man who play Korfbal wants to find a girlfriend. Now check the comic below: (LOL!)

Why play Korfbal?

The last one tickles me. It reads.. Even with a head like this you can get a girlfriend … if you join korfbal!

Jos has started playing Korfball since he was 5 years old. More than half his life, he has been involve with the sport and have always enjoyed playing them. And no, he don’t have a head like that although his ex-girlfriend was indeed from the same sport.

When I moved to the Netherlands, he had announced that he will quit the sport altogether because he wanted to do some other sports with me and also focused on his speed cycling. I reckon that must be a disappointment to many of his team mates since he is (in my opinion) one of the very good player in his team. I’ve been to watch him trained and played in matches a few times and he never fails to charm me with his every move. 🙂 He is always into the game, focus and hold on to the professionalism of being a team member. There were days he feels really tired because of work, although he would prefer to lie on the couch and recuperate from a stressful work day, he would still drag himself out of home and get to the club for training and yet coming back feeling good. He is committed to the game and all team members twice weekly and never fails to turn up unless he is on overseas trip.

Those days when we were living apart, I remember he would send me text message of how many goals he made every Saturday. He is always eager to share the results of the match and is always very proud of the outcome. The enthusiasm and positive attitude of someone that has played for such a long time; in my opinion, is rarely seen. To top that off, I’ve not heard from him that his team lose in a match so far; how cool is that?

Besides being a committed team member, he also made many good friends from the same club that has lasted a long long time. The chemistry within the team is easily spotted without much trying. Quite honestly, I marveled the loyalty and commitment he has for all these good friends. And there are not one but quite a handful. He is always ready to give; always ready to help; no matter how busy he gets, he find time for his friends and never asked for anything in return.

Today was his last home match before he retires from the sport altogether and he had insisted for me to be there to watch the match. Although I always prefer for him to go to the match on his own but being there to see him play for the last time was not something I want to miss. Thankfully, the weather today is close to perfection. Full Sunshine, no sight of any dark clouds with light cold breeze of which I easily manage. I put on my summer dress and get ready to cheer for my man!

Today’s match was one very competitive one towards the end. The first half of the match, Jos team was leading with 4 goals and towards the second half, opponent start scoring up to a point where Jos’ team were only 1 goal ahead. In the end, they still won with a phew! And yes, as always it was really enjoyable to watch.

All I’ve written may be something I observe as someone close to him. No one has to agree with me but I believe if I ask any of his friends, they will agree with two hands up. Although he might not play in the same team with these friends anymore, I’m sure he will always be there to help if anyone asked.

Ik ben trots op je Schatje! x


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