The Orange Fever Rocks Again

I’d thought by now the Orange Fever will be over since Queen’s Day has passed… No, I’m wrong. The Euro Cup starts 1st June and the Dutch is rocking the Orange again. Well… why not? We are the Dutchies and whatever involves the country, we rock as one and roll that Orange!

I walk on the street now, I sees Orange Flag hanging outside homes. I walk in the stall I see Orange T-Shirts, Orange Sunglasses, Orange Wigs, Orange Caps, Orange Nail Polish… well, just anything that is wearable on oneself to show your support to the country’s event but it has to be ORANGE. Jos would always say : Nice Orange isn’t ugly. I would always reply: But Orange is Orange.

During Queen’s Day, I have steal a nice picture shot of a lady with Orange Wig and I do think I wanna share them here:

Lady.. you look lovely.

Also Spotted a family all dressed in Orange… also with Orange wigs… I’m such a paparazzi! 😛

Een Orangje Familie

Today, while at the grocery stall, we saw that the brilliant Bavaria Beer had to launch it’s Bavaria Euro Cup Dress. All you have to do is to buy 6 cans of beer and you get a dress for free! I think that is a pretty awesome marketing tools. Bavaria is the 2nd largest brewery in the Netherlands. The organisation show their support for their country and at the same time encouraging the ladies involvement in it. And of course, the main gees to it is : DRINK MY BEER … BABY. And of course, Jos had immediately suggested that I wear them while watching the match! Seriously? OMG!

But wait…. check the dress out. I have to say at least it isn’t completely Orange! Thank God! Although I said no at first look but I secretly think it’s quite a nice mix of color. Nice Blue with Nice Orange isn’t ugly right? Check them out now…

Bavaria Beer Euro Cup Orange Dress!

I don’t know, maybe I might end up wearing them. And if I do, you will be the first to know. Have a super Orange Fever and Rock the Euro Cup People! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Orange Fever Rocks Again

  1. haha! Ohhhh no.. that’s indeed crazy! I really like your picture of the lion sliding on their knees after scoring a goal! its too cute.. i was really laughing out loud with your last sentence! 😉

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