It’s spring time in the Netherlands! While the weather can be crazily unpredictable, last Sunday was really quite a SUN day. Jos was suppose to do his regular speed cycling but had decide to ride with me on his city bike due to my enthusiasm to go on the bike which is considered, RARE! 😛

So he had to planned a route that he think I could handle and be able to ride back home so he don’t have to ride 2 bikes home. 🙂 I think he really think quite highly of me because we took a route of about 12km. It is nothing to him of course since he can easily do 50km.. maybe more. But I think 3km for me on the bike is considered a challenge because I’ve never really gone that far on 2 wheels. I guessed because the ride was pleasantly smooth, I didn’t really feel any strain on my legs. I enjoyed the sun and the wind, top with the beautiful scenery my eyes caught sight of. The ride just gives me a very relaxing feel, a feeling I’ve not felt for a very long time.

So I thought I’ve seen all of  Dordrecht, I definitely have not.  I didn’t imagine Dordrecht to have such cycling path that is out of the city, minimal cars with loads of cows, sheep and beautiful nature.

Our Ride

The Scenery along the way.

I had to stop to capture all the beauties because I cannot really ride with one hand... not yet!

After an hour on the bike, I felt a little tired and each time I’d asked Jos how long more,  he had to lied that it’s 10 minutes away from the cafe where we would stop for a drink. I know it isn’t 10 minutes but I had to choose to believe the lie because I really do enjoy the ride. Next, we saw the sheep lying on the green pasture enjoying the sun on a sunny Sunday. The sight is too pleasing to my eyes, I cannot stop taking pictures of the cute lambs.

Look at that! Too Cute!


And this! Heart warming!

And then, finally, we arrived at the long awaited cafe! And I was really pleased. Small, Cosy and really nice! We sat outside because the weather was too good to hide in the cafe.

Fluitekruid Dordrecht - A small cafe for bikers and hikers

Up close and personally to a tree full of little birds.

With a very nice view!

So yes, what a SUN day I had. Thanks to Jos and my little red bike for the adventure! Hearts Much! ❤


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