Historic Beauty

History amaze me. I love hearing stories from the past, learning what happen then and start imagining what would it be like if I were there. Picturing myself in the same situation and marvel at the wonders of being in that era. So being with Jos’ dad today and listening to the stories and putting my bare hands on historic items brings a lot of joy to me.

This tea-cup set was given to Piet by his parents and has been around since the 1930s. I carefully hold them to check for cracks but there was none. It’s heart warming to understand the sentimental values this little tea-cup set gives.

Next, the history book. This book was given to Piet by his teacher and was compiled since 1960s. Its a pity the book isn’t in English or I would have asked for a chance to read them. Although the book it’s old and tattered, I could easily see how much care was given to it since it’s store within a shelve on its own in a cupboard.

A Historic book that have been read a hundred times.

Piet explained the story of the reserve money can. It was used in the school to keep the money collected for punishment of some sort and then use it when the need arises. If you notice, there is a little pad-lock on it but there is no keys to this lock. However, the can was already broken and lock in tact. This was also kept since 1930s I was told.

A Reserve Money Box in the 1930s.

Well, I just wanted to do a short post to share my experience with these amazingly valuable items. I do think, one of the best things in life is to be alive to touch and feel these historic beauties, don’t you agree?


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