Back in the Lowland with Three Layers

I’ve finally come to term with my move and officially landed in the lowland yesterday. Arrived with 3 degrees and light snow. I was happy to finally see snow again but that didn’t last very long. But the smell of nice fresh air fills me with a light smile. Such fresh air, I will never experience in Singapore.

Except for summer in Holland, most time I had to wear at least 3 layers. First layer, the inner wear, 2nd layer, a light t-shirt, 3rd layer, pull over a sweater (best if wool to keep warm) and finally a heavy over-coat. Oh, that’s 4 layers if the inner wear is consider a layer.

Being home at 830 am on a Sunday morning, Dordrecht was quiet as always. Sunday is supposingly a rest day and the shops are closed. This is not something you will see if you live in Singapore City. Sunday is just like every other day in Singapore, it is hardly quiet.  So having a quiet environment isn’t a bad thing after all if you just landed with a jet lag of 7 hours. I slept for a good 3 hours, waking up feeling hungry, I needed food! When I turn to look out of the window, I snuggled back in bed and slept for another hour.

The cold winter even without much snow sent me back to slumberland. I was dressed comfortably in single layer with the warmth of the heater, I just cannot bring myself out of that warm, fuzzy condition and bring myself out to the cold. It’s not good, I know. I can already imagine myself turning into a white polar bear hiding in it’s den entering its hibernation.

Not moving....

Jos dragged me out of bed anyway. He wanted me to do the usual Sunday walk at the park like everyone else does. I’ve done these walk a few times and I don’t mind having such walks. The difficult part is going through that “4 Layer” process. I fight that all the time but once I’m out, I will always enjoy being out. The strange part is I never stop fighting each time I have to get out of the house. The worst is when I just want to get out to grab a sandwich across the street and even that, I’ve to dressed up in 4 layers. That totally kill me!

Anyway, I do think I should stop complaining and start getting use to these layering since I’m going to be here for an extended period of time. So, let’s focus on the fun ahead! I have found out over 1 day what people do during winter and here is what I’ve found.

Nature Park Walking

I do realise, when Jos had nothing to do, he drag me out to walk the park. Naturally, I asked… “is this park walking thing a Dutch thing? And naturally, the answer was “Yes!” Yesterday, we went to the same park we went during summer last year – De Merwelanden. I remembered the first time Jos brought me there was when I sulked because he didn’t want to bring me anywhere and in the end, we went Park Walking. This time, he brought me back to the same park because I was asking for green bean soup for lunch and they happen to have a nice cafe by the park of which I remembered was in front of a very pretty lake. But this time, the feel of walking the park during winter and summer brings a vast different. It doesn’t look the same at all. First of course, there wasn’t any sunshine and also the trees has no leaves! I realise now how depressing it is when the trees has nothing but branches without the green leaves.

Anyway, my point is, winter or summer, spring or autumn, people in Holland, walk. These park are well organised with walking path and cycling tracks. These path are even segregated between long walk, not so long walk and shorter walk. So if you feel fit, you can talk a longer path. Whatever path you take, it will lead you back safely. I don’t know how, but I managed with Jos’ guidance.

Park Walking

Ice Skating

I missed by one week to do the real skating on natural ice. After some interviewing and chatting up with local dutch besides Jos, I realise the dutch are quite crazy about ice-skating. Although, the dutch generally do not like winter very much, they made full use of the condition.

“Dear Weather, if you bring on the snow and make it nasty cold, we will do the ice-skating”

With love, Dutchies

But the horror truth is, there are people who get drowned due to ice-skating. This is because the ice cracked and the unlucky one fell through the crack and was unable to find his way out since the rest of the ice is nicely intact. In another words, you could be buried under ice if you are the unlucky one. That in my opinion is scary. Ok, I know I’m being paranoid but still, think about it! No, I do not want to ice-skate on natural ice….

Do not cracked on me!

That’s all for today’s sharing on my view about the lowlands. Don’t take my view too seriously because I can be too negative and extremely paranoid. Wait till you did the same, we can share our views. Now, I’m looking forward to spring! Bring back those green and all the colors! 🙂


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