Alien in The Waiting Game

What can be worst than waiting indefinitely for “D-Day”? No, I’m not waiting to be pregnant. I’m not waiting to deliver a baby, maybe not even in anybody’s context consider as an important day. But to me, this day is so important I even dream about it. I’m really referring to the day I can fly back to Netherlands and begin my new life there. I’m eager to start experiencing something, maybe not new since I’ve been to Netherlands many times but experiencing being an expat and no, no longer a tourist. I cannot wait!!

The reason why I said I’m waiting indefinitely is because the IND has not approved my entry visa and will not give me a definite date on when it will be ready, as such I cannot plan, I cannot book my ticket, I cannot decide when Jos should come to Singapore and escort me back to Holland. I have to just – wait. The reason for the delay was because of the “holiday” season, the delay can take up to 2-3 weeks. So seriously, I pray for the Dutch to get over the holiday mood and start working. It’s OVER!

As an “Alien”, I have to first wait for a Entry Visa is approve and when it is approved, the local dutch embassy to call and arrange for me to pick it up from them. oh yes, I’m referred to as an Alien in the Dutch Immigration Department’s context since I’m a foreigner.

Hello, I'm an Alien...I prefer to be a cute one.

This MVV (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf) is a temporary residence permit for any “Alien” who wish to reside in the Netherlands for more than 3 months. So, me being a Singaporean are considered an Alien. But humans from USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are not considered Alien. The do not need a MVV for entry into the Netherlands, they are allow to enter the country and then apply for a resident permit concurrently. This isn’t fair! Agree? Anyway, points accepted, I’m an Alien – *suck thumb*. Why are Singaporean considered an Alien is unknown because it’s a human language, an Alien like me will not/never understand, it will remain a mystery.

Just to elaborate on the process, a MVV is a sticker I need to obtain from the local Dutch Embassy when it’s approved, have it stick on my passport and travel with it for entry at the immigration at the Schipol Airport. With this MVV, I have 3 days upon my arrival in the Netherlands to visit IND at Rijswijk and register my arrival. And then submit my application for a resident permit and for this, I’m uncertain on the time line. But then, that can come later.

I'm dreaming for this to be on my passport!

Additional note, on applying for resident permit, an alien also need to legalize their birth certificate and it needs to be original. So if anyone are going through the same process, please legalize your birth certificate way before the MVV is approved so you save some time there. I’ve did mine. I cannot use my actual birth certificate because mine is laminated. So i had to extract original birth certificate from Singapore Immigration Department, Legalized it at Ministry of Foreign Affairs first and then to the Dutch Embassy to also have them legalized it. And of all the endorsement, the dutch embassy charged 100 percent more.

Alright, enough of ranting. I don’t mind the process, I just dislike the waiting. But I guess, the wait will be all worthwhile.

Alien signing off~ Thank you for allowing me to rant.


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