Quick Flash Back & New Year Resolution! Not Really….

So the year is coming to an end and a brand new year begins. I remember last year, I wrote a long list of new year resolutions but quite honestly, I’ve did nothing close to any of my resolutions and didn’t really remember what I wanted to keep to. The only one I remember was to hit the treadmill and lose some weight…. I believe this could be a resolution of many, but that didn’t happen. Well I run, cycle and roller-blade sometimes but never religiously. So my weight is still at it’s best 48kg! boo! Diet can always wait….

Diet can always wait says Garfield. And I live by that! 🙂

So, really what is resolutions if you never ever keep to it?  Don’t bother making a long list if you know you will not do it. Resolution of oneself can always start at any point of each year. So really, this year, which is a very important year for me, I’m going to have only one resolution and that is – BE HAPPY.

If you wanna be Happy... BE.

I’ll tell you why in a bit, for now, a little flash back of my 2011.

Flashback 2011

Year 2011 have been good to me. I’ve been really blessed. I cannot thank God enough for the year long adventure. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, there are tears of joy, tears of regrets but everything falls in place after every trial. Each time the road seems rough and I feels that I can no longer go on, but a few more steps, the road is smoother again. It’s amazing how everything falls rightfully in place to where I want them to be. And I really mean Everything. I’ve learn a lot from the many experiences I went through. I learn to be stronger, tougher and most importantly, I learn to trust again. I learn to love again. That alone is very precious to me. These are my personal growth.

Knowledge is something that you learn and will never be taken away from you. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve done the wildest thing of my entire life that I will never imagine doing. I’ve said this many times in my earlier blog entries but since this is a post of the many flash back of 2011, I will say it again.

1) Experiencing SNOW for the 1st time as an adult. Up close and personal, making snow balls. Most beautiful experience for an Asian Girl.

Snow Balls in the making!

2) Surreal experience of skiing on french alps – Les Menuires. (Been there, Done that – 1st Ski Trip!) On the side note, I was like the only Asian on that mountain.


3) Learning to make my very own Cheese Cake! (Never even dream about being able to make any cake.)

1st Strawberry Cheesecake!

4) Slept in a tent for a good 4 weeks, rain or shine! Been there… Done that! (Quite amazing for a City Girl)

Cooking in the wild! 😀

5) Visiting the 1st SUNFLOWER Fields and awe in amaze. Lovely!

Sunflower Fields @ Toscane, Italy

6) 1st Italian Opera @ the Grand Arena!

7) Driving on the left for an extended period for the 1st time! Stressed out but challenging! 😛

Driving on the Left Side.

8) Eaten the best Egg with Bacon cooked in the wild. 😀

5 Stars Eggs with Bacon

9) Watching a happy family grow 😀

Gosling! Too cute!

Ghoose - Still Cute!

10) Making the first Pizza!

My First Pizza!

11) Learning a new Language – the DUTCH Language!

It is not difficult, it's just different!

And finally, doing all the above with the love of my life! To me… that makes it perfect!

Year 2012 is going to be a brand new year of adventures.  where I will be travelling 6476.56 miles, 10422.62km across the globe to be live with the same love. I cannot think of anything I want to change or improve upon. I just know, I need to be a happier person. I learnt. The brain… well, my brain at least is one of the worst organs of my body. It has this ability to make my mind think of the most negative and assuming unhappy result. This very powerful organ of our body called the brain is really hard to control. But because it is a part of us, we have the power to control it if we want to! Whatever we place in our mind to think, is the result of our well beings. To be positive or negative, happy or sad. It’s all in the mind. And that is clearly the reason why I choose to “be Happy” for my new year resolution. I choose to control my thoughts, my mind, my brain. I will choose my thoughts just like I choose the clothes I wear. I believe, in order to see positive result, we need to be positive and happy. Nobody likes to be with a unhappy person, therefore, being happy is the key to every success. And lastly, a quote i learnt – ” WORRY IS A MISUSE OF YOUR IMAGINATION” so, don’t worry! Be Happy!

Don't Worry ! Be Happy!

Will now end this post with a big shout out to everyone! Happy New Year! I’m very sure it will be a good one for all if we control our mind! Cheerios ! 😀


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