Christmas Trees are Trees decorated

I know right.. I’ve been writing too many posts about Christmas and Winter and Snow.. and Snow and Winter and Christmas.. Sorry I just had to since now Christmas to me is not just about partying in a club, counting down to Christmas and getting wasted with loads of beer. Christmas in Holland isn’t about clubbing, well, at least I was told, all shops are close so everyone had to stay at home or have dinner with friends and relatives.

It seems to me that having a Christmas Trees in every household in Holland is almost mandatory since even Nelly had to make sure Jos has one in his home although Jos hates decorating the tree.

For 2 years, I’ve decorated the Christmas tree at Jos’ home. And both years, they were live Christmas Tree. The reason I emphasize “Live” is because in Singapore, a fake tree is recyclable and a real tree have to be disposed after Christmas and its really not important to have a real tree or any tree for that matter.

Jos and I was shopping for a Christmas tree and he picked one that is crooked. I’ve spotted the crookedness and had suggested we should pick another. Its strange but Jos insisted on that 1st tree he set his eyes upon! He insisted that these are Natural and there are bound to be some flaws which he claim we could easily fixed. Ok, he win.

Take a look now at how crooked the mini tree look : (you must agree with me)

But after some artificial help to correct the standing of the tree with wood blocks by the Grandmaster.. The tree was standing up right! So what’s with imperfections? There will always be a way to beautify them.

Things that are natural cannot be perfect but they can still be pretty. After all, a Christmas Tree is any Tree that is decorated. You can pick the ugliest tree from any random garden, oh but make sure you cut and trim them to a shape of a triangle, decorate it and tada! It might be good enough for some Christmas Tree Contest! Is there even one? Maybe there should be one sometime soon!

Merry Christmas People!




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