Walking in the Winter Wonderland

I really miss snow. I miss the beauty of white all around me. I miss making snow balls. I miss skiing. I don’t mind the glare, I just love the view of snow everywhere!

Why is it not snowing in the Netherlands yet? This time last year, it was already snowing heavily with snow as high as my tall boots. To proof what I’ve said is true, check this:

Look! Snow!

I remembered having so much fun walking along Utrecht town with Hilde who didn’t like the snow as much as I did. She was walking so fast just to get into any shelter while me… taking a video of the falling snow. That’s plainly because I’ve longed to walk in snow. I enjoyed every bit of snow flakes dropping on me out-stretched hand. I count every snow flakes that falls on my hand and watch them melt away slowly. God’s creation! I marveled at God’s Creation of this season. I feel plain happiness just doing that.

While editing a video I wanna make for Jos, I found out that I still have a short clip of the walk in Utrecht, Netherlands. So do check the video below from December 2010. You would probably feel the same way I did while watching this short clip.

When will I do the same again? I want it to snow so bad. Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!!!


3 thoughts on “Walking in the Winter Wonderland

  1. December 2010 was truly remarkable in the UK and December 2011 so far has been pretty unremarkable. We will get our snow and so will Holland but we’ll have to be patient. The UK is forecast a Green Christmas as stated by my most recent post on my blog.

    Best Wishes

    Tony Powell

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