The most “Gezellig” event in Holland – Sinterklaas

So I’ve briefly celebrated Sinterklaas last year on the 6th of December 2010 with Jos but this year I realised that was not it! Wasn’t anything close to the real celebration of which I had a lot of fun from.

Before I go on with the “gezellig” celebration we had at Hilde’s home. I’ve a few pointers to make so as we are sure what we are celebrating.. well as I was told:

1) Be reminded, Saint Nicholas is not the same as SANTA CLAUS. Now I allow you to see the difference with a proof of their pictures so that there is no arguments. ­čśÇ

Saint Nicholas aka Sinterklaas

Santa Claus

See the difference? I would say both are cute! If you don’t see the difference, you need to change your glasses. ­čÖé

2) Zwarte Piets are the helpers of Saint Nicholas. They aren’t black naturally, they are black due to the countless times they had to slip through those┬áchimneys┬áto help Saint Nicholas deliver the presents. No racist or discrimination intended!

Black is Beauty

3) Made believe of presents filling up your shoe. So, if your wish is for a huge present…. please build a big shoe next to the┬áchimney. Or you will only get this small… see below.. ­čÖé

However, as a matter of fact from my┬árealization, Sinterklaas is a celebration with not one but many presents, just like I’ve received for 2┬áconsecutive years.

The many presents waiting to be open.

So, Sinterklaas celebrations are common among close friends and family. Jos had organised one just for me with my extended family Nelly, Jan and Hilde. Well before the day, we will be given the name of the person we are suppose to work on. What I mean worked on was to make handmade a surprise and write a poem for the selected one. tough eh? Ok, at least tough for me, I’ve written many poems on life and myself in general but never particularly on a person. So for me, writing a poem for someone can be quite sensitive. The toughest part was hand-made a surprise for that person! That had me caught. All this must be done in the name of Sinterklaas.

The name given to me was Nelly. Although the name was given to me 1 month in advance, I’m ashame to admit I did not bring any hand-made surprise nor a well written poem.

One important thing I realise is – Sinterklaas isn’t about giving expensive gifts. Its about the fun of creating a hand-made surprise and heart felt poems that is written on our own. That for one, I’m really impressed. This can only be done with the whole heart I reckon and not something you could pay and get.

With Jos’ help, I’ve finally made my hand-made surprise and a “pretty well” written poem! I’ll now go through the detail of each one’s surprises and poems. Some poems even brought some tears.


My Poem

S – Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain But always warm.

I – Interesting with many places worth to visit

N – Nice food and People (You already knew)

G – Go over and visit this nice country (In combination with Indonesia)

A – Antique markets in Chinatown and Little India.

P – People from all over the world live and work here.

O – Oriental, Go now and experience the real Orient

R – Rice and Noodles, the main part of the local food.

E – Enjoy Singapore and also travelling in general.

Nelly, 2011 was the year your family officially became multicultural.

You made Jess feel really comfortable

The warmth hospitality with lekker food.

That was placed on the table is really good

The “new member” from Singapore feels well

but it also forced the Sint to travel.

Travelling might be something for you.

Seeing the most beautiful places on earth you will love it too

Your present is something beautiful from the Orient.

Nelly, tell me why is your holiday to the Orient not yet planned?


Sint & Piet

My Present (hand-made & Air-Flown)

Having hard time reading my poem ­čśÇ

Hand-Made - Map of SIN with places of Interest

Air-Flown Wood Crafted Jewellery Box from Singapore


Nelly’s Poem

Toen Sint door de ramen keek,
Zag hij die Jos Geheel van streek.
Een bleek en afgemat gelaat
Een half Geschoren, grauwe baard.

De reden bleek snel achterhaald
want heel zijn huis was kaal
en opgeruimd, geverfd,
gecleaned en glanzend net.

Daar Moet iets achter zitten, dacht de Sint
Waar is die vrolijk doende vrind?
Die losbol die zo lekker aan kan flieren
En met zijn vrienden tierelieren?

Gezellig, lichtjes op de tafel….
en lekker eten, goed gekookt!
die Jos heeft kwaliteit en charme
Hij lijkt een goede echtgenoot.

En Ja, daar tegenover hem
zit Jesslyn, uit het verre Singapore
He zegm dacht Sint toch wat ontroerd
Die Jos heeft dit jaar goed geboerd!

De Vrolijke jongen van destijds.
Is echt een man, een man van eer
met ver-antwoord dlijkheid en zorg.
Geeft aandacht en geborgenheid.

Zij, kwam voor hem naar Nederland.
volgde haar lief, gaf hem een hand.
Jos heeft zijn hart wijd open staan.
En wil bij haar er echt voor gaan!

toch is hij ook onhandig en schippert soms:
‘nog even met de vrienden mee…’
een partnerschap is met niet gemakkelijk
dacht sint: oh nee oh je.

het vraagt: je doelen duidelijk maken.
Gaan praten, delen, samen bouwen.
aan een toekomst met elkaar
het zal je nooit berouwen.

Nelly’s present to Jos was a big pink stool for us to get around to talk when need arises. As with any couple, there will be difficult times and all we need to do is talk. That has always been Nelly’s idea to a strong hold relationship. So here, check out our pink stool! The reason it’s Pink its because that’s my favourite colour!

┬áOne of the surprises I like best was Jos’ surprise for Hilde – The iLove creation inspire by Steve Jobs. It was Jos’ creation for his Sister to using the iLove device to find love. Was nice fun. It’s a turtle collar sweater commonly wore by Steve Jobs painted with the word iLOVE added with a heart and two button below to indicate Love. Right button lighted Red which is a pass and Left button lighted with white which is a no go! Pretty cool creation I reckon… don’t you?

iLove - Steve Job Inspired

JAN Surprise for me was in such a huge box, I’d thought its gonna be another stool! Check the box size out now :-

Big Box from Sinterklaas aka Jan

Jan has also written a really pretty poem in English. Must be strange for him since he doesn’t use english as often as I do. Anyway, what was inside the box was none other but a house that represented my moving to Holland.

Specially made card from Jan x

My little house filled with lots of goodies

What’s inside the little house are the treats that are usually given out during Sinterklaas. I’ve enjoyed so much once again opening up the many presents just like I did last year. Such handmade gifts warms my heart from inside out. I feel so loved opening up the present one by one.

Jan has also gotten a nice surprise from Hilde and its none other but 2 outfit, 1, a painter’s outfit and 2, a cyclist outfit. Both are appropriate for Jan because he has always been the first one to offer help when it comes to painting the house and he is also a hard core cyclist. He had once cycled across the USA for 6 months! He is a amazing┬átraveler.

Golden Paint Brushes

Nice Outfit for a super Nice Man

First the Party, Then the Dinner is served. Yummy!

It’s was the most heart warming season party I’ve ever had. Would have been more perfect if it snow. Last year this time, it was already snowing. I’d wish for Sinterklaas to fill my boots with Snow not rain, but when I came home after the party, Jos shouted to me to look at what’s in my boots. Of course, he tried to make it feel real by keeping the door ajar since there isn’t a chimney in the house. ­čÖé

My present from Sinterklaas aka Jos xx

Jos had knew I’d need a massage so he has send me a voucher for a full body massage at a newly opened spa in Dordrecht Town. I’ve such a sweet boyfriend, I should have no complains. But, yes, I do hope for a hand written poem from Jos soon since now I know he can be so creative with poems. ­čÖé

We ended the evening with my present for Jos for Christmas/Sinterklaas – A handmade scrapbook of the past one year together! Sweet much?

Well wrapped in Red Wrapping Paper x

Sneak preview of my scrapbook

This day have create such a sweet memory that will last me a lifetime. Thanks to my very sweet boyfriend that made all this possible. xx



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