Female Parking in The Netherlands

From the title of this post you would already know, I’m figuring out why would any country create a Car Park Space specially for the Women? They either have too much space in the country or they critical of the ladies driver or maybe, they are just being protective of the female gender.

Today, while riding in Jan’s car on the way to view some office space, Jan pointed out a sign to me. It says “Parking Female – Gratis”, Gratis clearly means Free which its probably a word everyone choose to look out for. The car just passes it and I haven’t got my camera ready to take a shot of it but I’m really curious why would anyone decide that the female gender should have a “preferred” parking space. I’ve asked Jan briefly. He wasn’t able to answer me because it’s also the first time he saw a sign like this even though he was clearly a Dutch.

Being a curious cat… I’d decide I will do a google search for a picture similar to what I saw today. And look what I’ve found! Indeed, there is more than one place in the Netherlands that has Female Parking Signage everywhere.

Female Parking @ Ikea in Holland

Somewhere outside a hotel in Holland

Female Parking @ NowandWow Event

This one is in Germany

There could be few good reasons where there is a need for female parking space especially for the female gender. I’ve derived two reasons why but note that these aren’t stereo typing or being critical. Just a thought. 😀

Reason No. 1 – Woman are DUMB drivers

Obviously, this is not something I like to proudly agree but incidentally, most woman can be indeed quite dumb or clumsy or let’s just say they are cute when it come to driving. They are generally slower and careful. To make matter worst, some cannot handle parallel parking or slops on multi-storey parking. As such, they take a tiny bit longer time to ensure their car get into the middle of the parking lot and not an inch out. This then causes traffic jam within car parks and make the impatient man angry while waiting for a woman to park their car.

But being a woman, I cannot agree driving is a man’s role. Woman, these day are trained and made to do what man can do and even do what man cannot do!

Think about it, if every woman is slow and careful…. wouldn’t there be a super huge jam if its a FEMALE ONLY Parking??

Reason No. 2 – Safety Reason

Woman are known to be the weaker vessel. When a man take us on, we will lose out even if we are taekwando trained. Simple reason of us being smaller and less strong than most man. I said most man because, a huge amount of man these days are really tiny. Sorry I digress, so therefore, a female only parking space only allows female drivers within the compound and hence, it eliminates cases of rape when there are skimpily dressed ladies out in the parking space. This special parking space for the ladies are highly secured and well protected.

Cover-up Ladies!

Its really nice if the reason is number 2, but what ifs, a perversity man dressed up as woman, enter the car park with the intention to rape anyway and realise the chances of having a man in the compound to save the ladies are small! Ok quite crappy reasoning I reckon but still think about it…

What’s your thought? Why does any country need female parking space? Just for your information, this don’t exist in Singapore.



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