The Happiest Country in the World

Really… what is being happy? In my opinion, one cannot be really happy. But yet study have shown there are happier people in one country versus another.  I’ve read the report on Forbes and thus set me thinking. Read the full article here.

So, the Netherlands ranked 4th of being the happiest country in the world and Singapore ranked 81 as with most Asian country like Hong Kong & Japan. The top 4 countries happen to be in Europe and these countries are also known to be richer than most. 4 versus 81? Can you see the vast difference? Why are Asian less happy then European? There is one reason I can think of and that could be because Asian are by far the most hectic people. They hardly remember to have a life sometimes. Even the school education systems are by far highly demanding. I see this from the Singapore Education system of which I never agree.

So does that mean money does make one happier? Are we really saying money makes us happy?

As a matter of fact, the only reason to smile is when you have no worries and not troubled. And reasons people gets worried or troubled could only be financially or emotionally. Financially woes could be lead on by losing their job, money short fall for daily expenses etc. Emotionally woes are created because of human relationship, and this can happen between couples or friends and even within family ties. Therefore, to some extend, money could be the source of being happier.

I live in Singapore now. Am I happy? I think I’m quite blessed in many ways but yet again I cannot consider myself being really happy. And why am I unhappy? What am I unhappy about? I dislike the day to day mundane activities, living in bricks and tiles and the hectic city life. I find myself needing more space and clearly Singapore hasn’t have any. Sometimes I feel stressed up doing shopping in town because everyone else is also shopping. The crowd, the noise, the city life sometimes drives me crazy. Sometimes, I just want to get out and sit somewhere (not within bricks & tiles) enjoying the scenery but I find it impossible in Singapore. Everywhere is people and lots of them!

But then again, there will always be two side to a coin so I cannot answer for sure I’ll be happier living in one of the world’s happiest country. But if I compare the lifestyle, the working patterns, the education systems etc, Singapore is far more hectic then Europe.  Everyday is rush day that includes Saturday and Sunday.

This is what a typical Singaporean would be doing on day to day basis:

Monday – Friday

9-6pm        Working Hard

(maybe not all is working hard, some surf on the internet most time and hog on facebook or twitter)

6-8pm        Some Rush Home for Dinner.

                     Some Rush to town for Dinner with friends.

                    Some Rush to town, quick dinner and do their shopping.

(Either way, you will be stuck in the jam for half to an hour to get home or get to town, depending on how far is office to wherever you wanna be, you might also need to pay and pay while riding on a taxi or your own car. The ERP systems which only allow you entry to town or going back home by charging a minimal amount during peak hours.) Side note, please consider Singapore is a really small city.

                     Some decide to slog in the office with more work.

8 – 12am   For those who decide to be home, after dinner, watch TV program at home. (facing brick & tiles)

                    For those dining out, continue with a drink at a famous pub or go dancing in a club.

                    There are also healthy some that does gym, running etc.

                    And most, stay at home and stuck their ass to the computer.

On weekends, Singapore do not wake up till 10am. The simple reason is because we sleep really late the night before. I suspect, we hardly have enough sleep. And the routine starts, breakfast, shopping, movie, dinner and  back home stuck their ass on their computer chair. This is typical Singaporean. I’m not suggesting all Singaporean does that but generally, Singaporean does lots of  shopping, meals & drinks with friends and movie and of course some gambling at the official gambling den or at home – mah jong.

There is nothing bad, its the way of life and that’s what we have. So you either embraced the lifestyle or leave and find something else to experience. Which is what I’m gonna do for the next 3 years, I’d like to try living in one of the world’s happiest country and crossed my fingers wishing I’ll be as happy as they are!

Imagine myself living in one of the world's happiest country


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