The Internet World

I chanced upon this drawing on Facebook a friend of mine posted on her wall. I like to hope that this isn’t it but unfortunately, this is what is happening in this era. If you look closely at the expression of each of the drawing at different point, you’d realise, the expression of the person doing the same thing on the computer in the “today” world have not much of an expression comparing to that of 15 years ago. It’s funny but isn’t really true in my opinion. But then again, if it does happen to some, then, would it be pathetic much or convenience with a click? You decide!

Unfortunately, I am one of the culprit of turning to the computer for access to the internet for almost everything I need. Be it online shopping, listening to music, watching movie and many more. But I like to clarify, I don’t look anything like the drawing of the person under the “today” column. Thank God! Sometimes, I can be so crazy, you might see me smiling or laughing at the computer because of something I did or see on the computer. 😀


As a matter of fact, everything we do now leads us to walk straight to the computer and start working on it. Now, do not Deny….

When we want to Listen to music, we don’t use the CD player much, we hardly turn on the Radio at home because there is streaming online! Oh yes, and on the side note, I’ve search on the world wide web to also realise that there are tons of online streaming of Dutch Radio Station to my delight. 😀 This has help me alot since I’m learning the Dutch language in a non-dutch speaking environment , I really do need access to hear some real Dutch Speaking in the real world. If you might be also interested to listen to the Dutch Radio Station here are the link and Oh and by the way, there are also application on the Iphone that gives you direct access to the streaming of the Dutch Radio Station! Cool eh? All thanks to Mr Jobs!

Ok, sorry I digressed. So, as I was saying, next we watch movie. Watching movie for me these days are usually on the internet unless I can’t wait to catch a very good movie and the effect can only be good if its seen on the big screen. So being a chick flick fan, I’d reckon watching them on the big screen must be too costly, so I’d wait for them to be on the internet and I’d watch them from the comfort of my home on the computer with an extension cable to put them on TV! And the big news is I’d find them on 😀

Next, Contacting People. Do we call anymore? Hardly. Do we send SMS anymore? No. So how do we do we really connect with people?? Well, the answer is obvious, we use social network! Facebook and Twitter are commonly use. I recall just last night, my friend send me a Facebook Message on my wall “Hey, what time you reaching?” So, what else can I say. But because we are also connected on smartphone like iPhone and Blackberry, we are connected via the internet 24/7. But really, a phone call to hear each other out would eliminate unnecessary misunderstanding. And that I’m sure many would agree.

Reading the News! This is one superb tool if you ask me. Flipping through the new papers are so 1990s! We need to hear of daily news, well, the internet has them all. Commonly, the minute we open our web browser, or pop out and the latest gossip news are all on the home page. So really who needs the papers. On the side note once again, if you need to know what is going on in the Netherlands without being there, please visit 😀

Making Music That’s not just it. We make movies, videos, edit photos, play games and many more on the computer with accessing the internet for information, downloads (paid or free) and even program cracks :p

So, if you ask me, the computer isn’t at all bad but we need to strike a balance. We surely don’t want to be a nerd that only stays in from of the computer and does nothing else!


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