Food Festivals, Carnivals and The Netherlands

Do not be deceived by my size, I am a big eater and a lover of food. All kinds, any kinds! Therefore, I believe I will survive anywhere since I am not choosy with food. Having said that, it also means I must be feed with a variety of food where ever I may be in order to feel satisfied and happy. So it is very important I know where to find food when I get to Holland.

Having lived in Holland for a few months, I’ve found out that Holland seems to always have festivals and carnivals of sorts almost every other months. And such festivals and carnivals are none other but having food, drinks and entertainment such as live performances etc. It will be held either in a big park, a big field or any open space they can find. Sometimes by closing up the roads to cater to the event.

The only one I’ve been to so far was in Rotterdam. It was during summer time this year called Zomercarnaval. Even that, we didn’t really plan to visit. It was purely by chance that we happened to be shopping in Rotterdam town and walked pass a street full of food stall, loud music and live performance. Until someone passed us a flyer that says : Zomercarnaval (Brazilian Theme), we realise there was a carnival happening till wee hours that night.

Zomercarnaval in Rotterdam

What really amaze me was the amount of festival and carnival these Dutchie have. They truly love them and surely knows how to enjoy life. After I came back to Singapore. Jos had also told me on one occasion, he went to an Indonesian Food Festival in Dordrecht with his mum. I was so jealous! Indonesian Food is like my all time favorite. But yes, he went and had alot of Satays and indonesian cuisine. And another one he went sometime in June at Wantijpark, Dordrecht that is also about food, drinks and entertainment. So yes, I missed out on all of that. Sad, if you asked me.

Today, I chance upon Singapore Food Festival in Netherlands that is happening sometime on the 21 and 22nd of October in Rotterdam! Was happy for a minute but I am gonna have to miss that too because I’ll be in Sri Lanka with Jos. So… that sucks!

Singapore Food Festival in Netherlands

It is really amazing to see that Holland even has Singapore food festival. I mean, Singapore is a really small city and totally multi-cultural. Most of the local delights we have are also serve in Malaysia, Taiwan or even Hong Kong. Of course, we do have a handful of our own signature dish which are namely Chili Crab (my all time favorite!) and Hainanese Chicken Rice (Also my all-time favorite!).

We have food of all kinds from all over the world except Dutch of course. I’ve not come across a Dutch restaurant in Singapore. So, for Holland to cater a Singapore Food Festival is really nice. I am quite sure there is a small Singaporean community living in the Netherlands and that already feels good.

With all these festivals and carnival in place, who will ever feel bored living in the Netherlands? There are always festivals and carnivals to go to at most time of the year. All you need to do is to keep abreast of the upcoming events and trend at your fingertips! And yes, I am so going to keep track of the next Singapore Food Fare in the Netherlands.


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