Stranded in a beautiful place – Dimaro, Italy

Yesterday, Jos and I had a conversation that went like this:

Jos: Do you remember the place high in alp mountains where we stayed in an apartment?

Me: oh Yes! Dolomiti?

Jos: Yes and first snow is already there!

Me: Must be nice! I remembered we were so close to the clouds.

Jos: Yes high in the mountains with the crazy restaurant.

Me: Oh yes, and the village name is called Dimaro!

Jos: You remembered everything!

Me: Of course… this is our memory.

Jos: That’s true. But I remember the place and restaurant. You remembered; name, price and most likely what we had for dinner!

And yes I did, we had mix grill that taste really nice.

Then we started talking how we was almost stranded, how we struggled to have our dinner at the apartment’s restaurant when it was crazily packed. While having that conversation with Jos, I recalled the unforgettable eventful day and thought I’d blog about it here too.

Dimaro was not in our plan. We had wanted to travel to Verona, Venice, Toscane, Roma and then straight to France.  But after Roma, we realise we had some time, so we thought we should maybe drive back to Arco, the first stop in Italy where we really love. But that was a very bad decision we both made but we live with our decision.

We drove 5 hours back to realise the campsite is fully booked. The other campsite around the same area are all full. We panic after a few calls because we realise they are not going to be a campsite for us.

We had to think of something else, We were seriously almost stranded. Suddenly, the sky felt dark even though its only 6pm (and no it wasn’t dark) but in my memory, it seems dark. For a minute, I’d thought we might really need to sleep in the car. Jos started flipping on his camping guide for any campsite that may be available. And finally we called upon Dolomiti Camping Village who claims they can afford a camping site for 1 tent 2 adults for only 1 night. So, Jos said yes we will take it and will arrive in 2 hours!

Shut the door, put on our seat belts and off we go. 2 hours ? No…. it took us another 3 over hours to get to Dimaro. The more we drive, the more scary it become. Because that when the sky started to turn really dark. There was also rain showers on the way and I just felt like we were never gonna make it to Dolomiti.

But of course, we did. When we arrived. The sky had turn dark and there was still rain showers. And we were tired, hungry and of course, I was very very moody. We have travelled 10 hours in the car! So do we still put up a tent with that rain shower and considering the amount of tiredness we both are. No, of course note. We will not sleep in a tent tonight. We both agree to rent an apartment for the night instead @ EUR94.00.

Attached Shower and Toilet

The little apartment comes with two single beds join together. Pretty comfortable for a totally worn out couple! Doesn’t really matter it isn’t a queen size, does it? All we needed was a bed!

Bed Room

Kitchen with Stove

That faithful night, after we check in, Jos had to carry my super big luggage that seems to weigh 30 kilos up 2 storey high just to get to the apartment. I’d told him that I do not need the whole luggage because we are only staying for a night. But he insist. I love my man, he is such a sweetheart!

We put down our luggage (mainly mine luggage as his is only a sport bag). We cannot think of anything else but FOOD! We were famished. So off we ran to the restaurant just next to the campsite. The restaurant was crazily packed with tourist from everywhere… except Singapore of course. I’m probably the only asian there.

Restaurant right next to Dolomiti Camping Village

We stood at the entrance waiting to be served and no one bothers. We stop a waitress to ask to be sitted, all she said was, sorry we are full, you have to wait. And so we did. We waited for a good 20 minutes and nothing happen. I was seriously famished. I just needed food! And for all I care, I decided to walk to a table where a group just left and sat there. Jos asked, are we allowed to do that? I replied, well, if they don’t serve us, we will have to self served. So we sat there for a good 5 minutes and a waitress came and cleared the table. While she clear the table, she said, this table is reserved. I wouldn’t move and requested that she find me another table then. At the end of it, they have no choice but serve us first so they can get rid of us fast enough. To be honest, there was many empty tables not cleaned and there was really a queue. I am still wondering why did they make us wait.
Anyway, quickly and happily, we browsed through the menu and within 5 minutes we know what we want. Both of us ordered mix-grilled and I am telling you…. its like heaven! Maybe because I was really hungry. I have to give credit to their food though. I think it is really tasty, despite the service.
Next Morning, we also had breakfast at the same restaurant and their buffet breakfast is once again very good. I would rate it 4/5.

Pizzaria Dolomati - Breakfast Dining

After breakfast, we checked out, move our luggage back to the car and head on to France to meet with The Van Dongens. Once we are out of the campsite, I awe at the beauty of being on a high moutain almost reaching the clouds. Its one of the most beautiful feeling I had the whole time this trip. The night before was all gloomy as it was raining and dark, we can’t see much. But daylight brought alot of beauty to the scenery on a high moutains. Check them out now!
Dimaro, Italy – Clouds Everywhere
We were out for our summer holiday for a good 3 weeks but this might be the most eventful day of the 3 weeks. Totally unforgettable and enjoyable despite the little panic moments.

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