Four Seasons Versus One Season

Being a Singaporean, experiencing the four seasons is only possible if we travel to countries with four season. The thing about living in Singapore is there is only 1  season,  summer all year round! Its either sunny or rainy but it will stay humid. So, in order for us to experience four seasons…. we travel! Some think its good because then we don’t have to live with the nasty winter storm but I think its boring to only have 1 season.

This summer, me and Jos spend our holiday in Italy and France for a good three weeks. While I cannot stop applying that SPF 50 sunblock on my face, neck, hands, leg and any part of my body that was  exposed to the sun, I can never understand why Jos enjoys lying by the pool, reading a book under the very hot sun without a shirt on. I will only go with him if he can find me a shade from a big tree, big building or whatever that block me from the sun. Strange Singapore girl I am!

All my life, I’ve never really thought I would be able to experience all four seasons because travelling isn’t cheap. But by now, being in Holland every now and then, I realise I have experienced all four seasons which to my delight, I found them quite amazing and really liked them.

Some time in late December last year, almost Christmas time, I experienced winter in Holland. Also the same time where many dutchie are hoping for white Christmas and they did!

The last I experienced snow was 10 years ago in London but this just feels different. Maybe because I was in London with my sister and this time, in Holland with my love. Guess that’s what makes it different. Despite the cold, I actually enjoy the beautiful view of white.

According to a few Dutch friends, this time of the year is also the time where suicide rate goes up due to depression from the cold winter. That I can never understand…. whoever kills themselves because of the weather?  And then I read about S.A.D. – Seasonal Affective Disorder. Strange world!

Its really nice to sip on hot coffee on the couch and looking out of the window, watching the snow. I totally enjoy that. And then, winter ends.

Sometime in end March, its Spring time in Holland.  The white snow are gone, I don’t see white anymore. But, I awe at the sight of beautiful flowers just about any where I go.   The view of the country is once again different but still beautiful. There isn’t alot of sun in Holland, so even during spring time, it is still cold at least for me.

As its the first time I experienced Spring in Holland, I had to visit Keukenhof! So we did… all of the flowers everywhere, the whole field full of colorful tulips didn’t stop catching my eyes.

It is also at this time of the year, the Dutchie does ski-ing on the alps. We did ours at Les Menuires, France. Drove 10 hours to the Alps, enjoyed a week of ski-ing and back to Holland to enjoy Spring Time! If you ask me…. this is Life! I cannot imagine what Singaporeans are missing out, not being able to enjoy these beautiful changing seasons.

And then sometime in late March, early April, Jos turns his clock backwards by an hour. We call that Daylight savings and then Summer came… sometime in June! This day light saving thingy never fail to makes me wonder, why is there a need to do that but now I know. It did feels really strange.

Experiencing Summer Time in Holland for the first time yet again. Each day passes I began to understand why the dutchies loves summer. In my own perception, I think the dutch loves summer because:

1) The sky only starts turning dark at about 930pm and super pitch dark @ 1030pm. And the sun rise at 4am at some point of time! To me that is really cool! Can you imagine the amount of day light they enjoy?

2) To top it up. Summer in Holland is not necessary all sun. Some days, they have nice cool breeze with Sun. Some days they have only SUN and Some days they have horrible rain and thunder storm. (Unpredictable Dutch Weather!)

3) And its also the time where the Dutchies escape from the cold lowlands to other part of Europe where there is just full sunshine! It is also this time of the year the Dutch have long summer holiday from 2-4 or even 6 weeks for the retirees.

See me in cardigan and Freek in just shorts and T-shirt! He is a toughie and me… just a city girl from Singapore who feels cold even with cold breeze. But Summer time and  cold breeze are lovely weather!

This is also the time where there are nice harvest in many of the Dutchies’ garden. I remembered clearly the amazing time I have just harvesting from Hilde’s (Jos’ Sister) prune tree sitting on Jos’ shoulder, the strawberries from Nelly’s (Jos’ Mum) Garden and helping Piet (Jos’ Dad) harvest potatoes from his garden. Too fun and these vegetables and fruit just taste too good when its fresh from the Garden.

So yes, in deed, Summer time in Europe rocks! Now I know why they have long summer holiday and we don’t.

Soon Summer will end and the clock will be turn an hour ahead. The last I experienced Autumn in Holland was sometime in Oct 2009. I cannot clearly remember anything nice about Autumn but again I was only in Holland briefly then, so I cannot really remember. So, I feel a little sad I am gonna miss experiencing Autumn but Jos assured I am not missing much because its depressing to see leaves falling and the trees going all bald.

But fortunately, I am gonna be back in Holland in November this year and I should still experience Autumn in Holland before the Winter comes again. Here is a picture abstract from the web of Autumn in Holland.

So what is Autumn like? Is it really depressing? Brown, yellow and orange like falling leaves? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Four Seasons Versus One Season

  1. Like you, I always try to avoid the sun too 🙂

    I like autumn! I started to really dislike Singapore’s weather after spending a period of time over there. So hot and humid here. Grrrr…

    • U will learn to appreciate the sun when day in day out is rain and gloomy weather. I still dislike going under sun but sunshine is better than gloomy sky! With sunshine I can hide under shade with gloomy sky n cold… I better stay indoor! 😉

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